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Motion 13 Nx

The flexible fit for a natural sounding own voice and direct streaming.

Delight in the sound of life.

Motion® 13 lets you enjoy the most natural sound experience and superior audio streaming from your TV and smartphone. So, have a nice chat over a coffee, run around the garden with your grandchildren, or just sit on the balcony and listen to birds sing — with Motion 13, you can relax and enjoy it all.

A tailor-made listening experience.

Motion 13 offers a variety of fitting and handling options to perfectly meet your wishes and requirements. This way, your hearing care professional can customize your personal hearing solution.

High level of wearing comfort.

As a behind-the-ear (BTE) model, the small Motion 13 sits snugly and discreetly behind your ear. Its ergonomic shape makes it extra comfortable to wear.

For a broad range of hearing loss.

Whether you have mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss, Motion 13 tackles all these challenges and gives you back the natural sound of life.

Hear the sound of your voice as nature intended.

From discussing art after visiting a museum to enjoying the excitement of a new city with your loved ones, our new hearing aids let you delight in the world of sound.

They maintain the natural sound of your own voice and balance it with all surrounding sounds. This lets you enjoy the most natural listening experience and highest hearing performance, even when exploring exciting new destinations.

Enjoy streaming of phone calls, music, and TV.

Stream audio from a theater production straight into your ears, discreetly adjust the volume to suit your preferences while binge-watching a new series on TV, or hear the fastest route to the most famous sights from your navigation app. All you need is a smartphone.

Through the myControl™ App, our new hearing aids offer you supreme connectivity for audio streaming from various sources and remote control – all at your fingertips.

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