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Nucleus® Implant System

 If you are straining to hear even when using powerful hearing aids and find that you are unable to understand what is being said, a Cochlear™ Nucleus® Implant System or Hybrid™ Hearing* may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Cochlear and the Nucleus Implant Systems provides you with choices of wearing options, wireless connections and personalized services to help you not only hear your best, but HearYourWay™.

Use your natural hearing with Cochlear™ Hybrid™ Hearing.

Cochlear Hybrid Hearing* is a combination of two proven technologies. The first technology is acoustic amplification.of the low- frequency natural hearing you have after surgery.

The second is our innovative Cochlear Implant technology that provides access to the high-frequency sounds you're missing, for a richer hearing experience.

Hybrid Hearing is compatible with our wide Nucleus Electrode portfolio.

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